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Rated 5/5 based on 12 customer reviews
"I had major back surgery for a condition that crippled me for nearly a decade. Without hesitation my surgeon recommended Larchmont PT to me for my recovery program after a complex surgery. The warm and caring intake visit with Kathy and the well-thought-out therapy regime Birgitta developed for me were essential to my complete recuperation. With just the right balance between knowing when to push me to gain the maximum benefit and genuine sensitivity to the specifics of my situation, Birgitta and Kathy helped me to achieve a 100% recovery. I highly recommend Larchmont PT!"
Apr 29, 2022
"I definitely recommend this practice. My therapist was professional, easy to understand, and pleasant. I have made a definite improvement in my physical ability. I will continue to use the beneficial regimen of exercise each day."
Feb 17, 2022
"LPT has taken a personal interest in me. Jason has patiently and accurately explained the treatments prescribed to me. If I have any questions , he specifically answered them to where I can understand them .Jason treats me like a real friend who is concerned about me."
Feb 17, 2022
"I received excellent care from Jason Gordon, everyone in the receptionist area was very cordial. The office is very clean and the equipment was so easily accessible. I must say Jason is so knowledgeable and really helped me make progress in my recovery. I am now living in Northern California and I hope I can find a physical therapy office as well run as Larchmont Physical Therapy."
Feb 17, 2022
"Reliable, knowledgeable, flexible "
Mar 22, 2021
"If you ever need any therapy this is the place to go. I went in after having a knee replacement. My therapist was Sylvia and words cannot express how grateful I am to her. She was so professional and such a pleasure to talk to. She went beyond and above any therapist I ever went to in the past. The staff was very friendly and the office is clean and has the best equipment. I will miss going there. E kraft"
Dec 24, 2020
"I am so pleased with my experience at Larchmont PT. I broke my hip a few months ago and at the time worried my life would never be normal again. But here I am, walking again and feeling great. Sylvia was incredibly knowledgeable and patient with me, and my sessions left me not only feeling better each time, but optimistic and armed with exercises to do at home. I was recommended by a friend who also recovered from a hip fracture. I highly recommend Larchmont PT. "
Aug 10, 2019
"I have used many PT providers in my life and Larchmont is absolutely the best. They are very patient oriented, friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. My therapist Sylvia was wonderful. I brought her a number of ailments and issues, and she had to coordinate and balance them. She was excellent in her treatments and advice. I highly recommended them."
Jul 10, 2019
"I have been coming to Larchmont Physical Therapy for over a year due to knee and shoulder issues, pre and post surgeries. My experience with them has been outstanding. All of the Physical Therapists I have worked with have been excellent professionals, as you would expect. But more importantly, everyone who works there, including the support staff at the front desk, is upbeat, positive and friendly. You can tell that the people who work there truly care about the patients, and that pervasive positive attitude makes a real difference as you go through the ups and downs of physical therapy. When my course of physical therapy is finally completed, I know I’ll actually miss seeing and interacting with the crew at LPT!"
Jun 26, 2019
"I had total knee replacement surgery in February and subsequently went to physical therapy at Larchmont PT. I was particularly impressed by the quality of care I received from Kathy Whooley and Birgitta Mattson, both of whom were thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, and emotionally supportive throughout a painful recovery. The facility itself is both pleasant and well managed. I would recommend LPT to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Jun 26, 2019
"Jason was very thorough and worked on the areas that I needed for my physical therapy. He was patient and understanding of my pain and what needed to be worked on. He’s very knowledgeable too. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs physical therapy."
Jun 26, 2019
"Stop! Look no further! LPT is where you want to go for your PT. Mine followed hip replacement surgery and six weeks later I am overwhelmed about my recovery. Actually, I’ve never been this tuned up. Everyone at LPT is kind, friendly, and cordial. But more importantly, they know what they are doing. Real true caring professionals who are dedicated to helping. Clean, bright, well equipped facility. Easy parking. And never was kept waiting. Very well organized. Proficient and efficient."
Jun 26, 2019

I can't say enough good things about Larchmont Physical Therapy. I had knee surgery and got the best care from the therapists Martha, Julie and Birgitta. I loved it so much I purchased a fitness package and have been getting exceptional training from Birgitta! The front desk staff JD, Lisa, Kim are always friendly. The manager Tammi is attentive and handles requests with grace.

Kudos to Kathy, who owns the business, for running such a great operation.

Many thanks to Larchmont PT!

-Paul M.

Hello! My name is Bronwyn Reed and I have been a professional actor, singer, and dancer for most of my life. I had the misfortune of injuring myself onstage this year when playing "Baby" in the Broadway National Tour of Dirty Dancing, and was sent to Larchmont Physical Therapy during my disability from the show to rehabilitate what turned out to be a very serious ankle injury.

At the start of my journey with them I could barely walk correctly, was in constant serious pain, and was in no position to dance. A few short months later I am fully healed, and will be returning to the show to resume my role. This is all due to their incredible care of me. They manage to strike the very difficult balance of challenging and strengthening a client while also warmly nurturing them not to get discouraged when progress seems to plateau.

I simply cannot recommend them highly enough. Everyone in the office is at the top of their game, especially owner Kathy Whooley and Birgita Mattson, who I had the pleasure of working with the most. This place is a gem! I have nothing but the highest recommendation for them! Run, don't walk, to get treated by them. Unless maybe you have a sprained ankle.

-Bronwyn R.

Thanks much for your help. I was in a hole and didn't understand how to get out. I can't tell you how excited I am with being able (in the near future, I think) to be able to do things that I love. You do great work. I'm very grateful for your work with me.


I recently completed 2 months of PT for a broken elbow at your office and wanted to let you know what a great experience I had.

Firstly, the women who work at your front desk are awesome (my appointments were always on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, if that helps identify them). They were always friendly and helpful, which is much more than I can say about nearly any other medical office staff I've visited in the past.

I also wanted to let you know what a great experience I had working with Julie, my therapist. The fact that I am nearly 100% recovered after only 2 months of PT seems to speak to how effective she was in helping me recover. My orthopedist was almost shocked at my progress when I came in for my followup.

I was always clear on what I should be trying to improve between sessions and what exercises I should be doing. I was also very comfortable during the actual sessions. I'm 32, which is probably a little younger than most of the patients that come to your office, but working with someone closer to my age made the experience much better for me. We were able to talk naturally throughout the session without having to make forced conversation or sit through awkward silence. I can't say enough good things about Julie's ability to work on my injury and make the entire process a positive one. She was fantastic.

I will definitely be letting my doctor know that he gave a great referral and will be sure to refer anyone I know that's in need of PT to your practice.

-Phil R.

Thanks Julie for getting my shoulder back in shape.

I love the staff and feel so much better!


I'm able to go back to yoga and play basketball


I'm hitting the ball 180 yards in golf, and shot an 88 at Wilshire Country Club twice", and "we are playing tennis and hitting aces.