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I can't say enough good things about Larchmont Physical Therapy. I had knee surgery and got the best care from the therapists Martha, Julie and Birgitta. I loved it so much I purchased a fitness package and have been getting exceptional training from Birgitta! The front desk staff JD, Lisa, Kim are always friendly. The manager Tammi is attentive and handles requests with grace.

Kudos to Kathy, who owns the business, for running such a great operation.

Many thanks to Larchmont PT!

Paul McCullough

Hello! My name is Bronwyn Reed and I have been a professional actor, singer, and dancer for most of my life. I had the misfortune of injuring myself onstage this year when playing "Baby" in the Broadway National Tour of Dirty Dancing, and was sent to Larchmont Physical Therapy during my disability from the show to rehabilitate what turned out to be a very serious ankle injury.

At the start of my journey with them I could barely walk correctly, was in constant serious pain, and was in no position to dance. A few short months later I am fully healed, and will be returning to the show to resume my role. This is all due to their incredible care of me. They manage to strike the very difficult balance of challenging and strengthening a client while also warmly nurturing them not to get discouraged when progress seems to plateau.

I simply cannot recommend them highly enough. Everyone in the office is at the top of their game, especially owner Kathy Whooley and Birgita Mattson, who I had the pleasure of working with the most. This place is a gem! I have nothing but the highest recommendation for them! Run, don't walk, to get treated by them. Unless maybe you have a sprained ankle

Bronwyn Reed


Thanks much for your help. I was in a hole and didn't understand how to get out. I can't tell you how excited I am with being able (in the near future, I think) to be able to do things that I love. You do great work. I'm very grateful for your work with me.


I recently completed 2 months of PT for a broken elbow at your office and wanted to let you know what a great experience I had.

Firstly, the women who work at your front desk are awesome (my appointments were always on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, if that helps identify them). They were always friendly and helpful, which is much more than I can say about nearly any other medical office staff I've visited in the past.

I also wanted to let you know what a great experience I had working with Julie, my therapist. The fact that I am nearly 100% recovered after only 2 months of PT seems to speak to how effective she was in helping me recover. My orthopedist was almost shocked at my progress when I came in for my followup.

I was always clear on what I should be trying to improve between sessions and what exercises I should be doing. I was also very comfortable during the actual sessions. I'm 32, which is probably a little younger than most of the patients that come to your office, but working with someone closer to my age made the experience much better for me. We were able to talk naturally throughout the session without having to make forced conversation or sit through awkward silence. I can't say enough good things about Julie's ability to work on my injury and make the entire process a positive one. She was fantastic.

I will definitely be letting my doctor know that he gave a great referral and will be sure to refer anyone I know that's in need of PT to your practice.

Phil R.

Thanks Julie

Thanks Julie for getting my shoulder back in shape.


I love the staff and feel so much better!



I'm able to go back to yoga and play basketball


I'm hitting the ball 180 yards in golf, and shot an 88 at Wilshire Country Club twice", and "we are playing tennis and hitting aces.

After 11 sessions of physical therapy at Larchmont I have been able to return to tennis and my left elbow is as good as new!
Katherine A.

I'm doing so much better since starting the Larchmont Physical Therapy Pilates Program with decreased low back pain and an ability to travel without back pain. I can't believe how well I have recovered from breaking my back!!

Barbara G.

In two months of doing the Larchmont Physical Therapy fitness program my average drive has increased 20 yards and I'm also able to hit greater than 200 yards for the first time in years

Anne M

Thank you Sean Limahelu. I came in walking with a cane, and graduated being able to walk 6 miles!!!

Susan L

I love planks!! It helps with my bone density numbers.

Dr. C. Falk

Thank you so very much for your work and support over the past 4 months. I can't thank you all enough. Your smiling faces, compassion and understanding means so much! I appreciate all of you!

Hilary L

Kathy, thank you again for your expertise. You have helped me again. My back is about 95%. I have been playing golf, same, not better with very little discomfort.

Dr. Voyagis

On 4/11, I had my last visit with my doctor, Dr. Gettleman, at Valley Prebyterian Hospital. After testing me and checking me out in general, he said that I was definitely ahead of the curve in my rehabilitation process, as I had been all along. He said that though we speak of closure at the 6 month period, it is really about a year before we can say everything is 100%.He suggested working with light weights moving up as I go and swimming, which I have been doing for about 2 months now.

I want to thank everyone at Larchmont for all the help given to me and wish all of you the best of everything.

J Fitzgerald

I ran the Los Angeles Rock and Roll Half Marathon on October 28th, and it went well. Thanks for your help!!

Mike G.

Guys, my knee is better than new, spent most of the weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway going between 110-185 MPH...thanks so much for your focus, energy and care, I wouldn't have made it back without you all.

New ACL and new lease on life!

D. Graves

As you can see from this photo, Larchmont Physical Therapy accepts all patients, even bow-tied fashion victims. I went to Larchmont after a hand operation which included several weeks with a cast and splint. As a result, my little and third fingers would not bend and the other fingers and my thumb were stiff and numb. My doctor was especially concerned about the two fingers which would not bend because, as he said, I could literally lose my grip. After several sessions at Larchmont, those two fingers are bending and the three numb digits are almost 100%. I am back to regular exercise, including tennis where before I couldn't even hold a racket. After my experience, I would not hesitate in giving Larchmont a hand.

Richard O.

I began treatment at Larchmont Physical Therapy in the fall of 2008 after undergoing major surgery that left me immobilized for months. Since then I have regained a great deal of movement and strength and thanks to the therapists at Larchmont PT, I continue to improve every day. Their kindness, patience and knowledge have helped me tremendously and I am forever grateful.

Lauren H.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you - for your patience and prodding. I feel 10 years younger!!!!

Don M. (S/P left knee scope rehab)

Just a short note to relay that I am very pleased with the progress of my physical therapy after my full knee replacement operation. Aside from the first two-three weeks after the operation, I believe I have recovered rather nicely and the process has been surprisingly "as anticipated" and "on schedule" without any problems.

A lot of the credit for my steady rehab and improvement is as a direct result of the very professional treatment I am receiving from your office. I truly look forward to my bi-weekly sessions with your staff....and I directly attribute my rather rapid and uneventful knee restoration to the attention I am receiving at LARCHMONT PHYSICAL THERAPY.

I do want to express a very special mention of gratitude to one of your therapists, Ms. Doreen Akry. Although Ms. Akry has moved on to complete her studies at USC, she was most pleasant, dedicated, thoroughly prepared and managed my sessions with much professional ability. I would sincerely appreciate it if you will be so kind as to pass on a copy of this letter of appreciation/recommendation to Ms. Akry.

R. Hebert

I am a sports medicine surgeon specializing in the shoulder and knee. Larchmont Physical Therapy has been an excellent source of physical therapy for my patients, providing superb care to my patients for over 10 years. The staff at Larchmont Physical Therapy is caring and considerate as well as thorough and precise. I would recommend Larchmont Physical Therapy to my personal friends and family without reservation.

M. Samson, M.D.

Absolutely! I am very proud of the physical good health I have been able to maintain thanks to the excellent care at larchmont physical therapy.

J. Rice

The physical therapists at Larchmont Physical Therapy have treated three members of our family, all with excellent results. Their treatment is effective and delivered in a warm and professional manner. The office is well run and friendly. Treatment starts with a detailed analysis of each problem and proceeds with development of an individualized plan. The exercise room on the premises allows patients to gain strength and confidence under the close supervision of the therapists and their assistants. With her intelligent and supportive approach, Jeanna helped me gain confidence and strength after other therapists had thrown up their hands over the complexity of my situation. As a physician, I can truly appreciate the degree of skill and dedication that the Larchmont physical therapists bring to their work.

Susan S.

Birgitta is one of a kind. She has kept me standing straight and strong for the past seven years. My chronic back condition has been kept stable through her efforts and guidance. It has been a pleasure working with her!

Myriam T.

I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of my physical therapist Kathy Whooley, at Larchmont Physical Therapy, has been phenomenal. Kathy's approach does not focus entirely on the hip, but integrates body strength and movement as it relates to hip function. You should know that her staff is excellent and much focused.

Jack B.